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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes
(But Who Will Watch the Watchdogs?)

From Nixon To The Shah Book Cover

William P. Callahan, at last, has revealed the facts and stories of three non-fiction compelling cases… Starting with his amazing bio preparing him for the law, he enters Richard Nixon’s new Wall Street law firm: Nixon, Mudge, Rose, Guthrie, and Alexander where he lucks out as a young attorney helping out the political team readying Nixon for his run as President as he hangs up his shingle and handling troublesome problems constantly arising.

About The Author

William P. Callahan

William Callahan’s storied career has spanned over 60 years and everything you will read in this book has been taken directly from his experiences.

When the Korean War broke out Mr. Callahan decided to join the US Navy. While in the Armed Forces, he received specialized training in Naval Air specialty schools such as Airman’s School (10 weeks) which included intense basic air training leading to crew member qualification status in fixed-wing patrol aircraft. Mr. Callahan served on active duty and active reserve status for a total of 8 years.

Mr. Callahan used the “GI Bill” to further his education. He attended St. John’s Law School but decided to self-study and was later admitted to the NY Bar Association on the first try. Mr. Callahan served in the Department of Justice as a trial lawyer in the Criminal Division in New York, and D.C. While with the Department of Justice, Mr. Callahan was assigned as Regional Counsel to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Task Force) in New York. He also served with ODALE (Office of Drug Abuse Law Enforcement) overseeing federal enforcement of narcotics laws.

He was appointed by the Director of ODALE as Special Assistant to the President. In this new role, he was coordinating major drug investigations among various government agencies such as the CIA, Drug Enforcement Administration, IRS, Department of State, U.S. Army, and Interpol.

Mr. Callahan entered the private practice of law in 1980. He acted principally as Investigative Counsel to the Bar. From 2005 – 2010, Mr. Callahan was appointed by the Federal District of NY to be an Independent Investigator. He was charged with enforcing the terms of a Consent Decree involving the District Council Carpenters (Carpenter’s Union) and enforcement of all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws.

Mr. Callahan continues to practice law during his free time and currently specializes in drone (UAV) legal matters and defense. He works very closely with his son Paul who owns and operates Drone Drafting.

William P. Callahan
From Nixon To The Shah Front Cover

About The Book

From Nixon To The Shah

The Shah had been admitted to a NY Hospital. The investigation encountered David Rockefeller’s banking dynasty and his secret Trilateral Commission and the ever-present Henry Kissinger and a Shah-friendly CIA.

It became clear that the opportunity to help free the Embassy captives was part of the O’Dwyer deal – then with the approaching presidency of Ronald Reagan, the Iranians released the captives. Later, Callahan was asked by a lawyer and former federal prosecutor to represent a secretive priest arrested at JFK for smuggling undeclared art works stolen from the Vatican.

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